The pace is the pace


ØVB is a cycling club based in Nottingham, United Kingdom but don’t feel constrained by location. We have members all over Europe and beyond, but tend to ride in the Vale of Belvoir—that’s pronounced ‘beaver’ (for continental reasons). Formed in 2014, we have grown and flourished and are now more a family than a club, where friends come together to ride, race and socialise; all for the common good. Welcome to ØVB.


ØVB is a core of riders with serious miles under our collective belts and the determination to ‘do better’. We are both modernists and traditionalists. We have taken all that is good in within the established club format but pioneered new ideas and ways of thinking. Style is very important to us—but what’s more important is substance. We plan to examine the detail in everything we do to see where and how we can improve. We embrace all kinds of techno-wizardry but we’re very careful to let spirit drive us forward not stats. It’s all about going that little bit further—taking longer strides—to achieve something really worth being involved with: a disciplined road cycling club riding in safe group sizes, where riders can thrive and learn.


The race team is a key part of our club with everybody taking an active part in the running of our successful race series. Race team members are offered high levels of support to reflect their levels of commitment—whatever is put in is matched with a focused coaching programme and regular training sessions. In our first full season ØVB Racing finished top in the East Midland rankings with multiple race wins and podiums throughout the campaign. We aim to win, but we want to have a great time along the way.

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ØVB is a compact and personable club of around 60 members (and we’re determined to keep it that way). In terms of whether people are suitable for our club, we require members to be safe, fit and progressive; ØVB is not a club for beginners. All members are expected to own full club kit and wear it on all club rides. Each membership application is treated on a case-by-case basis and subject to approval by the committee.

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How we ride

Twelve is enough

If there are more than 12 riders we split into two groups. There are enough roads out there not to get bored. We split, that's it.

The pace is the pace

If the ride states ‘18mph’ that’s how you should ride it. The pace can pick up over the last ten miles but only if everyone agrees to it.

Go smash somebody else up

We’re riding for ourselves, each other and the club. By smashing your fellow clubmate up you’re not helping anyone. This is heavily frowned upon.

Neat and tidy

We ride in pairs and single-out when necessary. It’s safe, ordered and efcient. Three-abreast is a serious no-no.

Communication is key

The riders in front are your eyes—they pass critical information down the line. It’s good to talk.

The devil is in the detail

When posting a ride, say it as it is… steady can never mean full gas.

Off to the races

We’re all here to become stronger, more capable riders.Social and training rides are not races. Races are races. If you can’t help but ruin the party, you’ll be shown the door.

Jumping red lights

We just don’t do this. It’s dangerous and will give the club a bad name.

Get your kit on

Our kit says a lot about us—that we’re distinctive and bold. Wear it with pride on every club ride.